Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I've been playing around with the environmental assets of my RailSimilarity world. I've created new stylised artwork for the following assets: cloud layers, sun, moon

To make my job easier I modified the 'time scaler' function in the 'Time Of Day' blueprint. This value simply accelerates or decelerates the day cycle (the transition from day to night and back again). The default value for this is 1, but I've set mine to 500 to speed things up a bit. So much so, the sun and moon speed across the sky in a comical fashion, and the stencil shadows move dynamically across the terrain.

And as Rail Simulator supports realtime clocks (which tell the correct in-game time), as a little side task I created myself a clock asset to place in the route. That way I could easily see the in-game time of day as I was experimenting.

The sky at 5:33pm

The sky at 9:32pm

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